3 Reasons to consider Sams Club Credit Card

3 Reasons to consider Sams Club Credit Card

There are few Wholesale club credit cards in the market that gives you good benefit and maximize your cash back rewards. In this article, we’ll discuss who should get the Sams Club Credit Card and what are the top 3 reasons.

Introduction on Sams Club Credit Card

Sams club is one of the wholesale clubs and a subsidiary of Walmart. It’s another famous wholesale clubs like Costco or BJs. You need to make sure if a Sams club is local to where you live before making a decision to apply for this card. Any rewards that you earn from this card has to be redeemed at Sams club so you have to get a Sams club membership. This card comes without any annual fee but Sams Club membership costs you $45 for a basic benefits and $100 for premium membership with additional benefits.

Why Should you consider a Sams club credit card?

  1. It offers great cash back which can be redeemed at Sams club and it comes with all MasterCard standard benefits like zero liability for fraudulent transactions, no foreign transaction fee and card protection.
  2. Sams club credit card offers 5% cash back on Gas purchases and 3% cash back on restaurant and take out purchases. So, if you are someone who drive few miles a week and eat out few times, this card will earn you a good cash back. You will also get 1% cash back on all other purchase transactions.
  3. You will get a one time bonus of $45 if you spend $45 on membership fee.

Some Negatives in Sam’s Club Credit Card

3 Reasons to consider Sams Club Credit Card

Below are some of the negatives with this credit card.

  • Cash Back earned can be redeemed only at Sam’s club making the membership mandatory.
  • There is an annual cap of $6000 spend on gas purchases for 5% cash back and after the first $6000 spend, you’ll earn a standard 1% cash back on gas purchases.
  • There is no other cash back categories so if you aren’t looking only for gas or restaurant categories, there are better alternatives like Amex Blue Cash Preferred or other cash back cards.

Final Thoughts on Sam’s Club Credit Card

If you are a Sam’s club member or interested in getting a membership, this card is a good one to earn cash back. In order for you to get a good chance of approval, you should have a credit score of 680 or above. I personally prefer Costco Citi card in the wholesale club category of cards and a Costco membership as it gets me more perks and features. Let me know what’s your favorite club and your preferred choice.

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