Should you use Affirm - Buy Now Pay Later

Should you use Affirm – Buy Now Pay Later

Affirm – Introduction

If you’re not familiar with the firm “affirm” it’s basically this website that gives you access to over 2 000 different merchants. Merchants from anywhere from car parts to clothing to video games cameras even travel as you can see Expedia and Cheap O air which i’ve got you know. Hotels and things like that as well. Also about flights – I’ve actually bought flights off here in the past. 

How does Affirm works

So how it works is that you would you would go ahead and apply it’s a soft pull when you set up with the account. You can download the app or go on the website as well many of this many of the sites that you already use are probably on here. That’s a big plus affirm in terms of how it works is once you apply you get pre-qualified for a certain amount. They’ll either issue you a temporary credit virtual credit card that gives you you know just like any other credit card.

You can use it for that particular vendor and how it is when you go to check out you can select the terms of your loan. It’s going to be an installment loan whether it’s 3,6 or 12 months. There is no payoff penalty you can pay it off before the 12 months. If you want to you can pay it pay as you go. But it is due every month they do report to the Experian credit bureau only. So if you’re just trying to get an installment account reporting this can help you build your credit. 

What would you need to qualify for Affirm

I recommend for any of you guys who are trying to get on is you want to have a minimum of three accounts total. It should be active for anywhere from three to six months, preferably six months. That way you’ll have a better chance of getting approved as you can see i’ll give you an example of the accounts i’ve had in the past. I have Travelocity which is I used and bought my hotel room in myrtle beach this past summer. I bought an iPad from Walmart a few months ago. 

Should you use Affirm - Buy Now Pay Later
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I think in June i bought some sneakers in the past some kicks from nike flight club and a camera i bought at a digital camera on there. Based upon the amount that you’re pre-qualified for and set the terms of how you want your loan whether it’s 3 6 or 12 months and you would take care of it.

I see it gets bad reviews because they’re like the interest. The interest is basically a lot of the complaints. They charge your interest of course they have to charge your interest because they have to make money. It’s a business at the end of the day no one says you have to keep it for the entire term the quicker you pay it off the less interest you have to pay. 

Final Thoughts

So in my opinion i highly recommend this reason why i have it is to generate an additional installment account that i can control at my own pace. And for those of you who are trying to build credit i highly recommend this to you guys. If you’re trying to get plane tickets and you’re having trouble coming up with the entire amount this is a good way to buy the plane ticket.

You don’t have to pay anything upfront you can set it up how you want to pay it so just food for thought same thing for uh clothing for shopping for clothing and things like that. It’s a real simple app. Hope this article was helpful.

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