What's the Best Feature of BJ's Perks Credit Card

BJs Credit Card: Top Features and Rewards

Introduction on BJs Credit Card

BJs is a popular Wholesale Club in United States similar to Costco and Sams Club credit card. The best feature of BJs Credit card is the 3-5% Cash back on BJs purchases and 10 cents/gallon on gas savings. Its a popular wholesale chain in the north east region. I couldn’t find their presence in Mid-West where Costco is popular. What I like about BJs over Costco is the quantity in which you can buy items.

Best Feature of BJs Credit Card

Why I prefer BJs membership over Costco

In Costco, many items especially fresh produce, meat and fish comes in larger portion and many times I couldn’t use all of those before it goes bad. But BJ’s provides fresh produce in a smaller portions compared to Costco. Also in the place where I live, Costco doesn’t provide and BJ’s does. So these are the main reasons I preferred to have BJs membership.

How much does BJ’s membership costs

BJ’s membership costs $55/year and sometimes you can find promotions and coupons for $25/year for the first time subscription.

What are BJs Credit Card Option

BJ’s with the partnership from Comenity offers 2 credit cards – BJs Perks Plus and BJs Perks Elite cards. Both of them offer similar benefits and the key difference is Perks Plus card earns 3% cashback on BJs purchase and Perks Elite earns 5% Cashback. Both cards earn 10c/gallon on BJs gas. BJs Perks Elite card has a $55 fee.

BJ’s Perks Credit Card Benefits

  • Earn $40 in rewards for the first year membership.
  • 10¢ off/gallon savings at BJ’s Gas everyday.
  • 3% cash back on most in-Club and BJs.com purchases. (5% cash back in case of Elite Plus Card)
  • 2% cash back on restaurant and gas purchases outside of BJs club.
  • 1% cash back on other non-BJ’s purchases everywhere else where Mastercard is accepted.
  • You can redeem your cashback in-Club or on BJs.com in $10 increments.
  • No Annual Fee on BJs Perks Plus and $55 Annual fee for BJs Elite Plus Mastercard.

Other Benefits from BJs Credit Card

Best Feature of BJs Credit Card
BJ’s Credit Card Benefits

Who Can apply for BJ’s Perks Credit Card

BJ’s members who has a credit score of 670 or above has a good odd of getting approved for BJs Mastercard. Rewards makes sense if you’re a frequent buyer at BJ’s wholesale club and use BJ’s gas benefit of 10 cents per gallon.

Hope this information was helpful to decide if you should choose BJ’s Credit Card to maximize your benefits from BJ’s wholesale Club.

Update: BJs Credit Card Issuer is Changing

From Feb 2023, the BJ’s credit card is changing from Community Credit card to Capital One BJ’s credit card. There are some good and positive changes with Capital one. BJ’s rewards will not expire anymore and you also earn 3% Cashback at BJ’s and 1.5% Cashback on all purchases. Gas savings of $0.10/gallon is still there with the new card as well.

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