Is Amex Gold Card Worth it for $450 Fee


This is the legendary gold card a lot of you already have it. Let’s get right to it the legendary American Express gold card. I do have this card i know many people in the credit card game do have this card. Let’s do a fairly quick breakdown of what the card offers because it’s a lot the card right. Currently it has a new promo bonus of 60000 membership rewards points. That’s a great bonus for four thousand dollars spend in six months. So they are giving you a lot longer to spend. Most of these offers used to be three months six months and $4000 is fairly easy for most of us.

Is Amex Gold Card Worth it for $450 Fee
Amex Gold Card

Now the card earns American express membership rewards points and in my opinion those are the most valuable transferable currencies in the credit card game. This card earns four times points on dining. This is a foodie card which is great choice for dining the card and it earns 4X on u.s grocery stores.

Does the Amex Gold card rewards justify its $450 Annual Fee

Now the pivotal stat here is going to be how often or how much you spend at grocery stores. It earns 3X points on flights so it is not a bad travel card either. One point for everything else that’s not a bonus category pretty standard with American express. The card has a $450 annual fee which is slightly lesser that its Platinum card and in my opinion that is a premium annual fee.

It’s a lot of money for an annual fee to use a credit card. However to offset that cost the card comes with $120 in yearly Uber credits. Now that is Uber and Uber eats and it comes in the form of ten dollars a month. You don’t use it you lose this offer.

How Good is Amex Gold Card
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Amex Gold Card also has a $120 in dining credits now that is for certain restaurants and the service grub hub. It’s also ten dollars a month use it or lose it. I have a very difficult time getting my value out of the grub hub and the dining credits. It has a list of restaurants that i generally don’t go to and in my area no one uses grubhub.

So i’ve been frustrated lately i have not been able to get the full value out of that offer. Most of you probably will be able to now for the Uber as we travel at least once a month. I almost always get full value out of that the Amex Gold Card and makes the card holder eligible for the hotel collection program.

Amex Card outside of United States

I’m a big fan of the hotel collection and it has no foreign transaction fees so you can take it overseas and to different countries. I always recommend when you go overseas or to another country to bring a no foreign transaction fee visa or MasterCard. Because American express no matter what they say it’s still not as widely accepted as those two. So always keep that no foreign transaction fee visa or MasterCard on you. American express gold card comes with a plethora of baggage insurance car rental loss damage insurance and you also get Amex offers.

I want to remind you guys don’t sleep on the american express offers a lot of times. You can cover your entire annual fee just by paying attention to those and using them some super great offers. Let’s be honest and upfront what are the pros of this card. 

I also want to say something about the grocery store aspect of this four points per dollar at the grocery store. Let’s say you are somebody who doesn’t spend a ton of money at the grocery store but you don’t have a dedicated gas card and you don’t have a dedicated electronics stores card. I’m not saying go crazy buying gift cards at grocery stores but you have that option to buy a gift card at the grocery store. Don’t go to grocery stores and spend 25 000 a year on gift cards amex will shut you down they don’t enjoy that sort of thing 🙂 

Some Negatives of American Express Gold Card 

Amex Gold Card

Let’s be real it has a super high annual fee. You have to decide if that juice is worth the squeeze if you are getting full value out of those dining credits and those uber credits. You need to do your own due diligence you need to do the math and see if you can do better. When it comes down to it if you can’t use the credits and you don’t spend a ton of money at grocery stores this card might not be for you. You may be better off with a fixed rate cash back card. You may be better off with a different card with a lower annual fee. 

Final Thoughts on Amex Gold

Amex Gold Card is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world for supermarket cards. If you spend a lot of money at the supermarket like my family does this card is almost a no-brainer. If you don’t use grocery stores and you don’t eat like that this may not be for you because there are plenty of great dining cards. When you put those two things together it is a very good card. When you combine it with three points per dollar on flights now i don’t use it for flights but if you don’t have a dedicated travel card this is a great option.

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