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Best 5% Cash Back Credit Card


By the end of this U.S. bank cash plus credit card review, you’re probably going to get the credit card. Let me explain right now.  They have a $200 sign up bonus after $500 to be spent in first 3 months of opening the account. It’s like getting additional 5% on that $500 if you choose right categories to spend. You should get the U.S. bank cash plus card because it gives you cash back in various categories along with 0% intro APR offer.

Pros of U.S. bank cash plus

This card gives you 5% in two categories every quarter and that’s up to $2000. Now the categories available are categories you only see on credit cards with an annual fee. This is no annual fee card and it’s amazing so you could get at least another hundred dollars of value or more every year just by using this card to pay your bills. This is your home base credit card that you keep forever and this is the credit card that will continually be helping your credit score out.

Because the longer you have a credit card the longer your credit history. US bank cash plus credit card will continually provide you value and since this because the five percent categories include streaming and internet services. So Hulu, Disney plus, Spotify, Netflix and then your internet providers like spectrum, Comcast, AT&T stuff all earn 5% cash back. It’s not really limited to those it’s just like whatever codes as like utilities or TV or streaming or those types of services from U.S banks list of merchants.

Cash Back Categories

As you can see here that’s a lot and a lot of them have more value than others depending on your spending habit. If you’re spending a lot on fast food then five percent back might makes more sense to you. This card gives you five percent back on two categories that you have to select every quarter or you don’t get the cash back. Every three months you have to sign into the US bank account and select your cashback categories.

Now the cashback categories don’t rotate so it’s the same thing every quarter but your spending might change. Say you’re moving and you want five percent back on furniture then you might change it when you sign up every quarter. If you’re a very consistent person I would recommend putting it in your highest spent categories. You can get 4% cash back with the U.S bank altitude go card which is another product.

A Real Life Example to see how much you save

Let’s do a real world example of how much you could be saving with TV, internet streaming services. Let’s just say you spend $100 a month on your TV, internet and streaming subscriptions. So you’re paying your spectrum bill and you’re paying your Hulu, Netflix and Disney plus. And let’s say that’s a hundred dollars a month. I’m using it’s probably more than that but I’m using a hundred dollars because the math is much easier to understand.

Excellent 5% Cash Back card at No Fee
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Let’s say your utilities are another hundred dollars every month that’s your gas water power so that’s two hundred dollars a month or twenty four hundred dollars a year. 5% back from that is a $120 so the sign up bonus for the US bank cash plus card is $200. And then you’re getting an additional $120 dollars every year in cash back just from using the card. I think for most people you’ll be getting at least 100 bucks a year and that is continual value which is why this is a full value card.

Who Should Apply

To get this card approved for most people you need a 690 credit score or more. US Bank is pretty selective sometimes when approving the credit card so your results may vary if you are not automatically approved. I highly recommend calling the reconsideration phone number and all you have to do is call them tell them that you recently applied and ask them if there’s any additional information. Just by calling the reconsideration line you drastically improve your chances of getting approved for the credit card.

Final Thoughts on U.S. Bank Cash Plus

Considering the $200 Sign up bonus, 5% Cash back Categories, 0% Into APR offer for purchases without any annual fee, US Bank Cash Plus Card is an excellent choice. Hope this post was helpful to understand U.S. bank Cash Plus card features and Benefits.

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