Public Trading App

Is Public Trading App a Good Choice

Public Trading App is another brokerage that was recently launched. This is similar to other brokerage apps such as Robinhood or WeBull. Public also offers no fees or commissions on buying and selling shares and ETFs. It also supports crypto currency trading. This app has fractional shares so investors can buy the shares for any amount. 

Fractional Shares in Public

Fractional share means you can own a slice of a stock. For example Amazon(AMZN) stock is trading at $3200 a share which many cannot afford to buy. With fractional shares you can own $100 worth of Amazon share. Brokerage firm takes care of administering buying and selling fractional shares. Currently it has a promotion of $5 in stock when you fund your account.

Public Trading App
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Public makes it very easy to buy into the market. All you need is just $1 to get into the investing. And you’ll have access to thousands of stocks and ETFs, so you’re likely to find most of the stocks that you’re interested to invest in. 

Zero Commission Trading

Public App doesn’t charge any commission on the trades. Zero commission trading is not new and most of the trading platforms offer it and it’s like industry standard in recent times. You can also set the app to reinvest your dividends by setting up in the app. These features are very useful for beginner investors and help them invest consistently.

Public’s Social Features

In this app it allows users to follow other investors through featured profiles and provides chat features like WeBull. Another cool feature is what Public calls “town halls,” which is a kind of question-and-answer session with CEOs of publicly traded companies, perhaps even one of your holdings. You submit written questions and leaders respond to them in a live forum.

Extensive education and news

Public provides a lot of educational content for beginning investors, including “101” type information on investing basics. Public also includes many articles on trending topics, such as recent IPOs, including extensive coverage of these newly public companies. You’ll get extensive news feed from any stock that you like to follow and important financial information, upcoming earnings reports and message boards for each stock.

Final Thoughts

Overall it looks like a good platform to beginner investors with most features available in other investment apps and they grouped some of the fun features like social and chat options in the app. Share your thoughts or comments if you have used this app for investing. It’s still in its early days and it will take a while to get popularity. Also this has become a competitive space in last 2-3 years. So unless they introduce exciting features and benefits, it’s hard get the market share.

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