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JFK Lounge Access for Chase Sapphire Card

Chase has embarked on an ambitious journey to make its airport lounge portfolio larger! with the addition of Chase Sapphire Lounges by The Club. Only last week, we had seen the opening of the Chase Sapphire Lounge New York LaGuardia. Now, the second one at New York Kennedy Airport has started the operations in collaboration with Etihad Airways. So, are we really excited to dig deeper and bring you all the details!

Chase Sapphire Lounge

Chase takes over Etihad Lounge at New York JFK Terminal 4

In the historic year of 2015, Etihad Airways beefed up its premium offering when it opens a lounge at New York JFK Airport. It was during a time when the airline cared little about returns and more about creating a superior aviation experience. Eventually, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier had to do a course correction, which led, to the lounge remaining shut for a few years.

The good news is that this lounge is bringing back to us with a financial deal where I expect Etihad to be coming out with a winning deal. Now, this lounge (January 23, 2024) is welcoming guests under a whole different concept. What once was the Etihad Lounge has been transformed into,? Chase Sapphire Lounge by the Club with Etihad Airways at New York JFK (yeah it’s a mouthful! ). It’s a bit unusual because Chase is working in tandem with an airline.

Few important specifics are as follows:

You can find the lounge in Terminal 4: (home of Delta and many other airlines), in the mezzanine on level four right above gate A2. Its entrance is right beside the Amex Centurion Lounge,

The lounge will remain operational from 5AM until 11PM every day; on availability basis, This lounge through the Chase network can be accessed even during the initial hours before the scheduled departure of Etihad flights,?

It spans approximately 7,600 square feet—it could get crowded during peak time. As for the other offerings, expect items on par with other Chase Sapphire Lounge options including made-to-order and in-a-jiffy food choices,, and signature cocktail concoctions!

Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club entry requirements

For a quick reminder, the following entry criteria is for all Chase Sapphire Lounges in the United States:

The lounge is available for unlimited use by Priority Pass members via the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card. They can also bring up to two complimentary guests. This applies for Ritz-Carlton Credit Card holders, but it’s old news as this card is not available to new applicants anymore.,

Any Priority Pass member who have gained their membership through other channels get one free visit to any Chase Sapphire Lounge in the U.S per calendar year (not per lounge each). All guests require an entry fee of $75, and the next visits also require the same fee.,

If you don’t have a Priority Pass membership, you can still buy an access for $100 per person per visit, only if there’s availability. Chase Sapphire Lounges will only let you in within three hours of your departure, unless you’re connecting, where you can access it quicker.

Since this new lounge is established in partnership with Etihad Airways, premium passengers flying with Etihad have access to the lounge, which includes first class and business class passengers,, and also Etihad Guest Platinum and Gold passengers.

Chase Sapphire Lounge

Etihad has two fight a day to New York JFK. Starting from April 2024, Etihad will increase the service to JFK, with one Airbus A380 and one Boeing 787-9 daily flight. And, both the planes will have first class cabins.

The obvious goal of this deal is that Etihad wants to continue providing a remarkable experience for its passengers but don’t want to be hoarding any expenditures that were common a few years earlier at the time of operation!

Will Chase take over the Etihad Lounge Washington Dulles (IAD)?

Looking at the emerging trend, it’s also interesting to know that there is a probable expansion of Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club at Washington Dulles Airport. Etihad Airways have a lounge there too, which is closed since a few years. According to me, it appears that Etihad Lounge Washington Dulles is also going to be rebranded as Chase Sapphire Lounge. Just like the current arrangement.

In the past, Chase have confirmed the size of the Washington Dulles lounge to be approx 5,200 square feet, which is quite similar to the previous Etihad Lounge’s size. I’m quite excited to know when will this lounge start to function again!

Final Thoughts on Chase Sapphire Lounge

Chase Sapphire Lounge New York has a new location at the former Etihad Lounge by The Club. The lounge, however, is joint collaboration with Etihad: Airways- is open and is a great new option for Priority Pass users at the airport.

The lounge might not be on par with some of the originally built Chase Sapphire Lounges, expecting the services to be pretty darn good.

What are you thinking about the new Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club New York JFK?

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